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Victoria Ann Essays - Fiction, Literature, Arts, British Films

Victoria Ann Essays - Fiction, Literature, Arts, British Films Victoria Ann Mrs. Howard- Kongolo English 10 pd. 1 February 7, 2016 1 984 Comparison Draft In 1984 by George Orwell , Winston and Julia differ regarding the Party. Julia is not as drawn into overthrowing the Party whereas Winston is tired of having to constantly worry about them. She uses ill words to describe the government while Winston one the other hand, doesn't say any at all times. "Julia, however, seemed unable to mention the party, and especially the inner party, without using the kind of words that you saw chalked up in dripping alleyways." (Orwell 108). Julia is unconcerned and somewhat selfish, interested in rebelling only for the pleasures to be gain ed. She is more free spirited, adventurous and takes risks. For example, When Winston asks Julia if she has had sex before, she answers with "Of course. Hundreds of times-well, scores of times, anyway." (Orwell 109). Julia and Winston are both rebels who are in love with the fact that each other rebel. While Winston preoccupies himself with digging up the past and finding out wha t the government has hidden from them, she is more interested in rebelling for her own pleasure . Julia does not have a particular reason to rebel against the government because frankly she doesn't really care. This starts to bother Winston, and he even tells her that she is "only a rebel from only the waist down." (Orwell 168). The statement does not even come across as an insult to her because she is only interested in her and Winston. W inston lives his life constantl y dreading the party, calculating his actions and constantly worries about being caught by the thought police and being vaporized. He is extremely contemplative and curious, desperate to understand how and why the Party exercises such absolute power in Oceania. Although they both differ in many ways, Winston and Julia both desire to be with each other.