Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Executive Summary Franks Pizza Pan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Executive Summary Franks Pizza Pan - Essay Example The new MIS has the potential of solving the problem of market uncertainties where businesses are not aware of the exact locations of their markets. The executive summary is actually concise and accurate in content, but loses conciseness and accuracy in language use. This makes the summary not engaging as it is supposed to be. One factor that makes it lose engaging feature is vagueness. The author does not use exact business and technological terms required for a business plan. An example is â€Å"narrow down locations for business improvement† instead of â€Å"market segmentation and positioning.† As an executive officer reading this executive summary, I think I would take too much time to be convinced of the exact problem that the MIS intends to address and its benefits. Apart from these, the executive summary has covered all parts of sections of the assignment. I can only add that when you want to prepare a business plan, consider communicative terms suitable for the context, and not just passing

Monday, February 10, 2020

Content Writing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 8750 words

Content Writing - Essay Example Students have to be much more careful for their to prepare it and coordinate relevant data, survey and out come. Without a prior knowledge of its structure and delivery, it would be quite difficult to bring successful outcomes. Thus, you need someone to guide your academic dissertation be in the form proper track. –AAA-- is ready to serve you as your reliable partner. An artistic performance of your academic dissertation should bring the highest successes for your both academic and career level. The length of your academic dissertation should differ depending on your specific degree. The Academic dissertation presented, as part of the necessities for an undergraduate degree are typically much more smaller than those presented as part of the necessities for a Ph.D. Its length may be measured in number of words or number of pages. Paper size, line space and font sizes are also relevant to the measurement. Abstract, Appendix, Content page and bibliography may not be counted within your work. Formulations of academic dissertations have certain official procedure relevant to your Dissertation Topics assigned by your academic council. –AAA— is here to help you in every aspect of academic dissertation even fully written and ready to submission to your academic council to deliver your degree. At –AAA— we have most professional writers who knows the academic dissertation preparation and how valued it is for your. They are familiar with your university instructions, guidance, language style, referencing and necessary outcomes that are keen to see in your paper. Our writers and researchers always produce very unique paper for you. English writing style whether it would be UK or US is another predominant factor for academic work especially for the international students whose mother tongue is not English. At the same time some different Universities ask for different referencing style like APA, MLA, Harvard, California or Oxford